Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting to clean up the Rear Wheel

Here is a shot of the studs that hold the rear sprocket in place. I keep forgetting how old this bike is and how much things have changed. The studs are inserted into rubber inserts that are pressed into the wheel. The nuts hold the studs to the rear sprocket and the rear sprocket is held in place with a very large washer and very large snap ring. (I'll post a picture of these later since I forgot to take one). Naturally I've got just about every tool one could need to work on something modern but my wimpy little snap ring pliers are not match for this large one so I had to remove it (for cleaning) the old fashion way.....two flat screwdrivers and lots of muscle.

My plans for the rear wheel include:
  • Sending rear wheel out for re-chrome
  • Polishing rear hub
  • Removing spokes and either cleaning them up or replacing them with Stainless Steel
  • New tire
The brake shoes are in good condition and the bikes stops well with the rear brake. The front brake is another story.

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jupiter2 said...

I found your Honda restoration blog, and it so happens that I am in the process of restoring a blue 1968 CL350 this winter also! (Shown in the picture with the wrong seat, which I have corrected) I am in Illinois.


I was hoping that maybe we can share some research, tips and maybe even spare parts here and there.

Please let me know if you would like to correspond.

Jim O'Brien