Saturday, January 10, 2009

Starting the engine detailing

Here are some before and after shots of the alternator cover. My sequence for cleaning this part (and parts to come) is to;

1. Use a spray on aircraft paint stripper and rinse
2. Use 220 grit wet/dry sand paper to clean off the corrosion
3. use 600 grit wet/dry paper to smooth it out
4. Take it to the buffing wheel
5. Clean it up with polishing compound and a cloth

After polishing, I used a high temperature spray paint to fill in the lettering then used paint thinner to clean up the edges of the letters.

It turned out pretty nice. It is not so polished that it looks like chrome but just enough to make it shine nicely.

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Jen said...

Just about to start restoration on a `69`. Your blog will come in useful.Hope mine turns out as well as yours.