Saturday, January 10, 2009

Making a oil filter cover gasket

I decided to clean the oil filter which is an interesting piece. There is no "oil filter" in the contempory sense. Instead, it's just an aluminum wheel that spins the oil as the oil passes through. The centrifugal force throws the heavier contaminants out from the oil and they collect in the chamber. Interesting, but not as efficient as a paper filter.

In the process of removing the cover that probably hadn't been taken off since 1982 I tore the gasket. This item is not manufactured by Honda anymore so I had to make my own. I found some gasket material at the local auto parts store for a few dollars.

First I had cut a piece the approximate size.

Next I cut little pie shapes so I could easily cut the inner circle.

I then mounted the gasket on the cover and drilled the mounting holes.

I then cute the outside diameter and mounted the cover.

Hopefully, I won't have to make this again.

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