Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sprocket/Clutch Actuator Cover

I started tonight off by finishing up a small portable bench with a drawer. It will be easy to roll around a store stuff on while I'm working.

I pulled the sprocket cover to start the process of cleaning buffing it and this is what I found. Actually, based on some pretty grungy stuff I've seen before this one wasn't too bad. Maybe about right for a 4400 mile motorcycle with a worn out chain. They probably didn't lube it much.

After about 10 minutes in the solvent tank it cleaned up pretty well. I all I had was a solvent brush and a green Scotchbrite pad. I'm going to let the cover soak in the solvent overnight and maybe it'll loosen up some of the remaining crud.

This is the outside of the cover after cleaning in the solvent. I forgot to take a 'before' picture but it ws pretty yellow grundgy. With the scotchbrite pad and solvent I was able to get most of the yellow out and it cleaned pretty well. I ran out of stripper today but tomorrow I'll strip the clear coat off the outside and start the wet sanding a polishing phase.

While I was at it I pulled off a couple more pieces that need to get powdercoated. The foot peg bracket in this picture was stripped, primered and painted a while back but it's already chipping just from installing the bolts so. I had the other side powdercoated and it looks great. The tail light bracket is a spare that I had so that will be a straight swap out. The bar that holds the foot peg hangs down below everything and is probably the dirtiest part on the bike. I still have to remove the center stand and that will be it for a while. The only think left to powdercoat will be the wheel hubs but that's still a while off.

Here are the powder coated parts all ready for installation.

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