Sunday, November 9, 2008

Front End Detail

After removing the forks I figured I would see what I could do to improve the triple clamp. The rubber inserts are for the instrument bracket. The rubber has become hard to I did not try to remove it for fear of damaging it and replacements would be hard to find.

I decided not to polish it due to all the intricate passages. Instead I tried using an aluminum casting paint after priming. This is the same paint I was going to use on the engine cases but I did not like the results you see here. In the end, I remove the paint and just cleaned it up with 600 grit sand paper.

I removed and stripped the head light shell and both of the mounting "ear" (one of them was damaged). The mounting ears turned out very well using Duplicolor "Chevrolet Orange" and a clear coat. I painted the head light shell in Duplicolor White and it looks OK.

Here is the head light shell after painting.
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