Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Starting the front fork cleanup and rear brake parts

I got some advice that aircraft stripper might be a good way to save some time when trying to clean up the yellowing on the fork leg. The yellowing is from oxidation and discoloration of the top coat the Honda factory used in those days to protect the aluminum parts. This picture is about 3 minutes into the process. It's bubbling up nicely showing that it's working

The stripper is very toxic so I was sure to use it in an open area with gloves. After about 5 minutes I used a wet towel and wiped it off. I purposely did not do the whole fork leg in order to see the before/after difference. Additionally, I want to remove the forks before doing the whole fork leg. The result was outstanding. There is some mild surface discoloration that will be easily removed with the buffing wheel.

This is an example of how the rear wheel parts came out. This is one of the wheel spaces that the axle goes through.

This is a before/after shot of the rear axle nut & washer. There is some serious pitting on the nut and it will need to be replace or zinc plated. There is still some rust on the washer but I need to pull the wheel again to paint the swing arm and I'll clean it up then. I will do that in a week or so when I replace the chain and clean up the sprocket.

Here is the rear brake up after spending some time on the buffing wheel. There are some crevices that still need some work but my goal was to clean it up without making it so bright it looked like chrome. You can see the wheel spacer and brake arm as wheel. I still need to clean up the brake rod and the torque rod that's attached to the hub.

I will eventually have to paint the tank and one of the head light ears so I've been looking for some paint that will match. I tried some Duplicolor that I found at the local auto parts store and it matches up pretty well. The white is just a basic white and the orange is called "Chevrolet Orange".

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