Sunday, November 2, 2008

Initial Cleaning 4

We removed the exhaust system which had significant corrosion. While Beth worked on the pipes I tackled the exhaust mounting collars with the wire wheel. I thought these were useless but they turned out pretty nice.

Here is front part of the exhaust pipe. Beth spent at least 2 hours working on these pipes.

After the collars, I attacked the exhaust heat shield. In addition to the corrosion I attempted to repair some of the damage to the shied caused by the tip over during transport. While it's not perfect, you have to look closely or know what you're looking for to really notice the damage.

Beth working diligently on the exhaust system. The muffler portion of the exhaust system has two "weep holes" to allow condensation to drain out. The metal around these holes is pretty badly damaged about the size of a quarter. Fortunately it's not obvious when looking at the bike.
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Here is a close up of the finished exhaust installed on the bike. Beth did a nice job and it turned out very good. There is very little pitting in the chrome. The right side header has some yellowing near the cylinder but this was common on these types of late '60's early '70's bikes.

Voila! The finished product. I've still got to sand and paint the black heat shield but even now it looks pretty good.

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Jan said...

Hey Mike! The bike is lookin' good!

I have a CL350 with pipes that look very similar to yours before you cleaned them up. I figured they were pretty much a lost cause, but yours turned out great! How exactly did you clean those up?