Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Chain Install/Start of Frame prep

I bought a new chain off eBay and it came in a couple of days. It's a 96 link 'O' ring chain which is different from the stock non-'O' ring chain . It uses a master link like the stock chain so I was pleased with that. It's quite a bit heavier than the stock one but, with only 30 hp or so from the stock motor, it should last a long, long time.

The old chain, as seen in this picture was in pretty poor shape.

I'm somewhat torn as to how I should proceed with the frame clean up. I'd like to have everything powder coated but that would mean taking the whole bike apart and getting it all done at once. My other option is to have the frame blasted and use an epoxy based primer and paint and do it myself. Although I don't like it, I've done enough primering with epoxy based products that I think I could do a job that would look as good as powdercoat and, for my use, would probably hold up just as well.

I'm going to start with this small piece (shifter mount/rear foot peg bracket) and use a good stripper, rattle can primer and laquer paint and see how it turns out.

It was late when I finished up and probably put the part back together to soon and the paint might not have been dry enough. There was a little chipping around the bolt head where the socket scratched the part.
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