Sunday, November 2, 2008

Initial Cleaning 3

I didn't want to start removing the front wheel yet so we just attacked the front hub on one side to see what it was going to take to clean it up.

Once the spokes are removed, we'll have the hub taken to our local media blaster to have them clean it up before we start polishing or painting anything

Here is the hub after "wet" sanding it with 220 grit paper.

After 2 or 3 passes with 220 we used 600 grit and this is the result. It looks a little dull but I think it's because of the shadows and I might not have used the flash in this picture.

After the 600 grit paper, I applied some polishing compund paste and buffed it up with a cloth by hand. In the future, when the spokes are removed or when working on other aluminum pieces, I'll use the buffing wheel and get it nice and shiney.
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